In 2016 Fay Hutchcroft and Arete Visual Arts were involved in working on the project 'The Footprint of Glastonbury Abbey'. The exhibition was part of the Glastonbury Abbey Appeal -' Rescue Our Ruins'.

Perhaps as a result of the 'Attic' project and rooting about in human cultural history at the British museum, I became fascinated by the idea of assemblage.

I have been part of the Banner wall Project since 2014. First making banners and then curating the hanging.

Clearing the Attic was a two year project with Arete Visual Arts group. It culminated in an exhibition at Horwood Art Farm in October 2015. In collaboration with Susan Ker-Seymer and Patricia Gould the installation was created.

Spidora will be on view in Wincanton High Street over Halloween.

Moving Pictures was a collaboration with fellow Somerset artists Patricia Gould and Diana Millstein. Over the course of a year we met and worked simultaneously on large square canvas. Photographing the work frequently to create a stop motion animation of the evolution of the painting.


From 2002 to 2005 I took portrait photographs at Glastonbury Festival. After a fine art degree at The University of Plymouth, this was a project I had given myself. The idea was to do an outside studio set up so that the wonderful outfits and characters of the festival go-ers could clearly be seen.